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Lecture Slides

Lower GI Surgery for Finals 2019

Covering all the lower GI surgery topics relevant for finals and taking an exam-focussed approach, these slides will be useful for final years who want to revise lower GI surgery.

Latest Versions of the Notes

Medicine 2012 v1

Thorough but concise, this revision guide for medicine covers the key knowledge needed for finals and beyond. This is the original.

Surgery 2012 v2

With a "one page per topic" approach, this guide covers surgical topics at finals and MRCS level. This is an updated version.

Clinical Assessments in Medicine and Surgery 2012 v1

This revision guide takes you through the common clinical cases in medical and surgical finals and revises key knowledge. This is the original.

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2012 v1

A thorough, revision-orientated overview - mechanisms, indications, complications and interactions - of all the major drugs, organised systematically.

Older versions of the Notes

Surgery 2012 v1

Original 2012 version of the surgery notes.