Scott's Notes

Simplicity, brevity, depth

I'm a doctor in London, UK, and in 2012 I wrote a series of revision guides to help me get through finals. I wrote the guides according to three fundamental principals:

After my finals I gave the notes to some other students and gradually they've spread around and been useful to lots of people. If you've landed on this page then hopefully they can be usefull to you too.

Latest Updates

Surgery Course for Finals - 25th Jan 2020, London

I'm really excited to announce that I'll be running a one-day course to prepare final years for their practical surgery exam. The course will be on Saturday 25th January 2020 in Charing Cross Hospital, London. I've examined on finals. I did finals not that long ago (2012). Let me help you beat the game.

Final Thoughts

Finals wasn't that long ago for me and I've recently examined on Finals so I wanted to share some of my thoughts on making the most of final year medicine and how to deliver your best in the final exam. I'll be providing regular updates on the "Final Thoughts" page so check back if you're interested.

Second Editions

I've been promising second editions of the notes for a while and I haven't delivered. Yet. I'm about half way through the second edition of the Clinical Assessments in Medicine and Surgery notes which I'm hoping to release in December or early January. The Surgery and Medicine notes will be my next focus but realistically wont be out until mid to late 2020.